Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fitness Workout XL Game for Boys and Girls

In Fitness Workout XL Game for Boys and Girls you start as a skinny geek who wants to work out and build solid muscles.

First you choose your gender and then your job is to maintain the routine and find everything you need to stay motivated.

Step by step you unlock new machines and you get better every time you step in to the gym. Feed yourself with quality food and definitely get some quality sleep. 

Once you see your transformation, you get even better motivation to work harder. Good luck and have fun!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Welcome to Crush Crush!

Sad Panda Studios made this addictive Idle Dating Simulation game Crush Crush and now the job of the player is to win all the hearts of, imagine, your town’s gorgeous ladies. 

All that after you embarrass yourself with one or two of them of course. Beginners luck let’s say.

Anyhow, to do all that my friend, you need to build stats. And to build stats you need to earn money. And to earn money, you must unlock new a-mazing jobs!!! 

A wifey is not that easy to please to be honest and that is why making a lot of cash is on your behalf. Exotic dates, amazing gifts and attention is your name from now on. 
Are you prepared?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ikimono High is More Than You Expect

Ikimono High is very unusual school in which Kei Nakajima is going to start. Why unusual? Because, this is not high school for normal humans. This is school for monsters, cryptids and mythological creatures.

I now that you are confused. You must be wondering, what is Kei Nakajima doing there? Why is he studding in this high school? 
Well, there’s a rule that is mandatory and that says that one normal student needs to enroll in this school every four years.

Kei is that one student. He is not afraid of monsters. In fact he reads about them all the time and he is fascinated by them. 

Now the question is, do you think Kei will fit in this environment and do you think he can find true love? This Dating game has eight endings, and it is up to you to find out yours! Have fun with Ikimono High!!! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush is On!!!

Thunderbirds Are Go: Team Rush is On and you can join their unpredictable adventure!!!

Besides that, you are the one who can join the International Rescue and stop the evil mastermind who is trying to take over the 

world in this amazing adrenaline action packed game for all ages! 

You will be facing a lot of challenges when you run traveling the world, including collecting clues so you can find the secret base of the Hood and end his evil plan!

The game offers new upgrades like high tech gadgets. Working with your Kayo and Tracy brothers, Brains and MAX, upgrading this team of yours, also increases the chance to solve this mystery. Good luck!!!